About Us

INCIDIN Bangladesh is a value based non-hierarchically structured highly dynamic learning organization both in program implementation and in internal process of organizational growth. Strategic thinking, ideological preferences and emphasis of quality outcome are the ‘logic’ of its organizational growth. It provides space for convergence of potential activists and staff, for self-growth and personal empowerment.

The leadership is able to deal with issues that are unconventional (not addressed by NGOs, such as working with sexually abused street children) and issues that are politically challenging (such as peoples’ rights in globalization). Aside of professional assignments, the organization entertains solidarity relations with different small and medium size movement oriented networks as well as small size NGOs and Trade Unions.

The acronym INCIDIN Bangladesh stands for Integrated Community & Industrial Development Initiative in Bangladesh. INCIDIN Bangladesh launched its program in 1995, as a research organization, conducting Participatory Action Research (PAR) with an Adivashi community (Garo ethnic community) in central Bangladesh. At the same year we have undertaken PAR with children known as “Bihari” (the community migrated from Bihar, India, before 1947, and opted for to be citizen of Pakistan, which never accepted them) who are working in weaving trade. This was to understand the impact of the “Harkin’s Bill” (against child labor) on the working children in Bangladesh. Around the same time, another PAR was undertaken with the sexually exploited street children of Dhaka City. It is important to mention that in both cases of PAR with children was an unconventional initiative, as the participants were not the “target” of mainstream NGOs in Bangladesh.

In later stage, the choice of projects, such as supporting children education and child rights, labor rights and campaign on WTO developed with the participation of the children with whom they were initially working. The program was designed to address the macro structural causes, with the expectation to have impact on policy reform. Therefore, the programs have an emphasis on advocacy component, not only the service delivery support.

With a stronger emphasis on implementation of programs the organization felt the need to change its constitution and name. 1999 the former name INCIDIN was changed into INCIDIN Bangladesh and the new constitution was approved and registered.

Value Foundation

Our guiding values could be defined as participatory democratic (in the sense that individuals have the right to participate in decisions that affect their lives), collectiveness, consensus, trust and social responsibility.

The emphasis of professionalism in INCIDIN Bangladesh is high. Strong focus is given to produce quality output.

Organizational vision

INCIDIN Bangladesh envisions a world based on rights and equity based value structures in Bangladesh following a sustainable strategy of integrated social and economic development.

Organizational mission

The Mission of INCIDIN Bangladesh is the “overall development of the community”, with a special focus on a balanced and “sustainable industrial development”. This is a formally defined Mission; however, INCIDIN Bangladesh is acting on areas/projects that are ultimately benefiting the community as a whole in a sustainable way.

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