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Year Activities/ Clients
2005 Media Monitoring on Migration; International Organization for Migration (IOM-Regional Office)
2005 Developing National Anti-Trafficking Plan for Action for the Ministry of Women and Children’s Affairs (MECA) of the Government of Bangladesh; MWCA-ADB-IOM
2005 Developing Program Monitoring Indicators based on Global Impact Monitoring (GIM) for the members of  Save the Children Sweden-Denmark
2005 Training Manual on Safe Migration; International Organization for Migration (IOM-Regional Office)
2005 Identifying Good Practices on PDOS in Bangladesh, Philippines and Sri Lanka; International Organization for Migration (IOM), Geneva
2005 Demand Side Study on Trafficking in Women and Children, ILO-IPEC
2005 Base Line Study and Situation Analysis for Child Laborers in hazardous work, SCSD
2005 Evaluation of Thanapara Swallows Social Scociety, The Swallows in Sweden, Dhaka,
2005 People’s Voice From Bangladesh: Let’s not trade off the basic human rights for trade in agriculture, OXFAM international, PAR
2004 Coordination of community managed food relief activities in Badda, Dhaka, private funds
2004 Comparative Study of the Effectiveness of Pre-departure Orientation Programs in Philippines, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh, Capacity Building for Protection of Vulnerable Migrants in Asia, IOM
2004 Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Boy in Dhaka and Chittagong, ECPAT
2004 Strategic Planning for ADAB, EED
2004 Need assessment study for TDC, DANIDA
2003 Evaluation of Forum for Regenerative Agriculture; The SWALLOWS in Sweden, Dhaka
2003 Consultative Study with the Girls Working on the Street, Save the Children Sweden, Dhaka
2003 Migration of Women and Girls in Bangladesh, Action Aid (UK)
2003 Paper Presentation, WTO and Agreement on Agriculture and People’s Interest, seminar paper, Dhaka
2003 Policy paper of Make Trade Fair Alliance, Ensure Market Access and Livelihood Security: Call to the WTO Cancun Ministerial Meet, MTF and OXFAM International
2003 Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures and Agriculture: A Popular Guide, BELA- SAWTEE, Nepal, Dhaka
2003 Advocacy paper for EU symposium on trade in textile and clothing (May 2003), Market Access and Livelihood Security: A strategy to ensure sustainability of the RMG sector, MTF and OXFAM International
2003 Livelihood Security and Market Access: A Policy Proposal of the RMG workers of Bangladesh, OXFAM GB Bangladesh
2003 Rapid Assessment on the Concerns of the RMG Manufacturers about Relaxation of RoO and Future of RMG Sector in Bangladesh, OXFAM GB Bangladesh
2003 Gender Dimension in SIDA funded projects in Bangladesh, SIDA
2003 Overview on Trafficking of women and Children, Action Aid
2003 Root causes of Migration (regional study), Action Aid UK
2003 Pacific Regional Workshop on Combating Poverty and Sexual Exploitation of Children and Youth. Nadi, Fiji, UNESCAP
2002 Child Rights Program and Manual development, SCD
2002 Organization Strategy Development, RUPANTAR
2002 Author, The RMG Sector of Bangladesh and Its Female Workers: Awaiting a New Global Movement, CPRL, Dhaka
2002 THE HUMAN TOLL OF GLOBALIZATION: Impacts on the Female Workers of RMG Sector in Bangladesh, Paper published the Journal of Political Economy, Bangladesh Economic Association, CPRL, Dhaka
2002 Multi Fiber Arrangement (MFA) and Future of Bangladesh RMG Sector, Policy paper for Action Aid Bangladesh
2002 Editor, WTO: Agreement on Agriculture, OXFAM GB Bangladesh, Dhaka
2002 Rapid Assessment on Trafficking In Children for Exploitative Employment in Bangladesh, ILO
2002 Winds of Change: An evaluation of Ethnic Community Development Program, CCDB-EZE (Germany), Dhaka
2002 Strategic Plan of CCDB, EZE, Dhaka
2002 International Workshop on Land rights and People’s Organizations, South-South Cooperation, EED
2001 Overview of Trade in South Asia, Economic Policy Paper, OXFAM International
2001 THE FACES IN TRANSITION: A Study on the Probable Impacts of Phasing-Out of MFA upon the Livelihood Security of the Female workers of RMG Sector in Bangladesh, Action Aid
2001 Need assessment study for Socio-legal rights and Training Center (SLARTC), Kolkata SCD
2001 People’s Organization and Land Reform: People’s perspective on struggle for land and agrarian reform in Bangladesh; EZE-ALRD, Dhaka
2001 Literature Review for the Assessment of the Prevailing Situation of Women and Child Trafficking in Bangladesh, Action Aid, Bangladesh
2001 Evaluation of Pilot Project to Conduct Management Training in the Garments Export Industry in Bangladesh, OXFAM GB, Dhaka
2001 Author, Local level initiative to combat sexual abuse and sexual exploitation in Bangladesh, United Nations Publication, Bangkok
2000-2002 Misplaced Childhood: A 3-year long action research, on boy and girl children engaged in street prostitution as a consequence of internal trafficking in children
2000 Review of Concepts and Praxis of NGOs of India and Bangladesh regarding People’s Organization, EZE (Germany), Dhaka
2000 Status Report on Trafficking in Women and Children in Bangladesh, a report presented to the UN Special Rapporteur on Violence Against Women of the Commission of Human Rights, OXFAM (GB) Bangladesh
2000 An Impact Evaluation of Dihi Union Public Library (DUPL) of  Jessore : Assessment of The Role of a Rural Literacy Movement in Poverty Alleviation, The Swallows
2000 Baseline Survey of the Girl Children of Seven Slums in Dhaka, CPD
2000 Socio-Economic Dimensions of Trafficking in Girl Children in Bangladesh, SCF (UK)
1999 Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation Manual for Bangladesh Arsenic Mitigation and Water Supply Project (BAMWSP), The World Bank
1999 Status of Benarashi Child Workers in Mirpur Dhaka, Red Barnet,
1999 Evaluation of Prodipon, The Swallows
1999 Evaluation of UBINIG, The Swallows
1998 Evaluation of Nijera Kori Program, The SWALLOWS
1998 Health Sector Study of the Urban Industrial Workers (of RMG and Leather processing Sectors) in Bangladesh, UFHP (JSI)
1998 Editor, GATT, Uruguay Round and WTO, OXFAM GB Bangladesh,
1997 Misplaced Childhood: A short Study on Street Child Prostitutes in Dhaka City, Red Barnet,
1997 Concept paper on OXFAM’s urban program strategy development
1997 Co-Researcher, Directory of NGOs working in the Field of Child Labor, Royal Danish Embassy
1996 Study on the Prospect of Small and Rural Industries among the aboriginal communities of Bangladesh, Grameen Trust -INCIDIN
1996 Evaluation of the Disaster Management Programmes taken by the NGO’s in the coastal belt of Bangladesh