Organization Strength

Conceptual Capacity The organization is able to deal with issues that are unconventional (not addressed by NGOs, such as working with sexually abused street children) and issues that are politically challenging.
Managerial Capacity (program implementation) As Organization INCIDIN Bangladesh is able to manage work/tasks that demand high intellectual capacity and leadership skills. This is in formulation of strategic decisions, planning, organizing, implementing, as well as to deal with various actors, such as, state, business, political leaders, and grass roots people.
Managerial Capacity (finance) INCIDIN is very aware of the importance of a structured and transparent financial management system. Funds of each project/program are kept on separate bank accounts from where they can be accessed by the PC after approval by PD. 
The different programs and projects of the organization are financially administrated as autonomous units.
Our financial management system is internally audited by our associate financial consultant.
Operational Capacity The management is able to facilitate colleague and like minded people with motivational capacity. The knowledge power is used (opposite to coercive power) in order to manage coordination, conflict and team dynamics. The project teams are highly ‘self-managed’ and ‘effective’ under the formal supervision of PC and PD.
Staff Capacity The organization implements its programs and projects with the help of its own pool of qualified, experienced and dedicated professionals and  also has a team of external experts who supplement the in-house expertise in the execution of multi-disciplinary assignments.
The core team is fulfilling all the basic elements to be dynamic and effective; value and vision oriented, open, self critical and transparent.
Systems Systems are developed based on practical requirements and always open to negotiations and discussions based on critical reflections. All INCIDIN Bangladesh members are having scope for active involvement and participation. 
INCIDIN Bangladesh is a learning organization. It adopted a critical/emancipatory management approach, emphasizing on both outcome as well as emancipation of the individuals within organization. To the organization this is finally a question of democratizing the power relations by creating “space” for participation of all concerned and self-management
Resources/logistics INCIDIN Bangladesh has an office space of 2.200 sqft and a training hall for 30 participants.