Asia Food Security Network (AFSN)

AFSN is a part of International Food Security Network (IFSN), a global network, possibly the largest food security network, comprised of six networks across five continents.  The International Food Security Network (IFSN) has a strong voice as a global food security network currently representing 1,100 CSOs since its establishment 10 years ago.

The Asia Food Security Network (AFSN), led by  its secretariat INCIDIN Bangladesh, works with 5 national networks covering more than 100 organizations in Bangladesh, Cambodia, India, Pakistan,  and Vietnam. AFSN mechanism is  to  promote and strengthen regional and global food and nutrition security networks on a regional and global level by creating policy space for Government – Civil Society Organizations (CSO) interaction and legislative space for lasting regional frameworks on food security and nutrition, including a human rights approach, this arises at a timely moment in the international dialogue on food security, agriculture and nutrition and in the formation of regional initiatives by national governments and regional groupings given the increased focused on the regions by UN system, donors and Governments.

Through the leadership of INCIDIN Bangladesh, AFSN has successfully conducted three regional research on right to food, alternative to corporate agriculture and land grabbing and coorganised South Asia Right to Food Conference 2015. AFSN facilitating a process towards raising the voice of marginalized people such as: small holders, sharecroppers, landless workers, fisher folk, pastoralists, urban poor people through creating a political space engaging diversified civil society actors and institutions. This civil society led platform play a critical role as to various vital issues as like: food rights and sovereignty, women’s rights, sustainable agriculture, ban on GMOs, rights to land and water as productive source, redistributive agrarian policy reform and the critical challenges associated with food rights, security and sovereignty.


AFSN is supporting the regional networks and CSOs to contribute to regional policies. South Asia Association of Regional Cooperation (SAARC) and Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) are the major sub-regional economic integration bodies for the South Asian and East Asian sub-regions. AFSN promote and support a space for engagement of CSOs in the ASEAN’s Integrated Food Security Framework (IFSF) and SAARC food and seed bank.