Prevent and respond towards Violence Against Children through a system approach (PRTVAC)

A Project for Sexually abused and Exploited Street Children in Dhaka City, Child protection is a very important component of child rights. Protecting children and adolescents allow better psychosocial development. Child protection can be considered as a crucial mechanism not only for national development but also for assisting a nation to maintain international competitiveness in the age of globalization. The lack of protection or inadequate protection may lead a child to under-nourishment, poor health, and intellectual underdevelopment.

Street children in the urban areas are the most vulnerable portion of the urban community. They are subject to all sorts of violation and exploitation. Street children are usually deprived from the very basic rights. They frequently become victim of sexual abuse, exploitation and trafficking. Since they have no safe and permanent night shelter, perpetrators find it easy to exploit those rootless children in dark. Besides, day time, shop owners, peers, security guards, railway police are the prime perpetrators who make the life of street children unbearable. Their belongings are looted, earned money are taken away, are denied for fresh water and shower. There is no toilet facility for the street children in metropolitan areas. Most of the day, they spend time for their own survival in the city. Hence, getting education is far away from their mind. Living in such unfavorable and cruel environment without education and care, street children turns into unproductive citizens of the country. Most cases they tend to involve in crime such as drug dwelling, trafficking, mugging and snatching, etc. Additionally, risk of STDs and HIV/AIDS are also alarming.

The project ensured child participation in every level of project activities. In order to ensure child participation the project will facilitate process to involve children with center management through center management committee and Child Rights Violation Monitoring Groups.

The direct beneficiary of the project is to focus on Sexually abused and Exploited Street Children below age of 18 years in Dhaka city for the curative intervention.  The target group of the project are the pimps, boyfriend and girlfriends of the beneficiaries,  clients of the children, service providers of GO and NGOs those  who are   working with the children  on sexually abuse, exploitation and trafficking, Ministry of Women and Children Affairs (Minister, Secretary, Joint Secretary, Director General, Project Director, Concern officials etc.), Ministry of Social Welfare  Affairs, Ministry of Home Affairs (Minister, Secretary and police official at project level), Ministry of law (Policy level), Ministry of Health (at services level, medical officials) and Ministry of Local Government (Local elected representative at project level).