Coastal Livelihood Adaptation Project (CLAP)

Barguna is a disaster prone district with 1,832 km2 area where salinity, tidal surge and cyclones make this place vulnerable for agriculture. More than 80% of coastal people who are accustomed to intake at least 3 meals a day at normal condition are bound to drastically reduce their meals following disaster.  In this context, Kakchira and Kalmegha are two of the worst affected unions of Patharghata, where INCIDIN Bangladesh is implementing CLAP project.

CLAP pivots around the goal to strengthen the capacity of community to be better protected in addressing climatic challenges and natural disaster. The project has three objectives. Firstly, increased and sustained collective process and organization to face climatic challenges and natural disaster; secondly, capacitated women, youth and farmers to address risk associated with disaster and climate change; thirdly, strengthened sustainable alternative livelihood options for community. Programming Strategies of CLAP are: livelihood support, coordination mechanism, market information center, knowledge center, and child care space, equal participation of men and women in the total Process, capacity building and awareness raising support on DRR, training as capacity building, social enterprise development, sustainable environment, school based disaster preparedness program.

The employment opportunity and economic condition of the people, particularly women and youth is extremely inadequate in the disaster prone area of Bangladesh.  The livelihood support for women is being provided through CLAP project in two ways; provide financial and capacity support to existing livelihood activities so that it contributes to increase income and provide support for developing social enterprise based on their interest and skill.  In terms of livelihood trade selection market the livelihood related trades for women has been finalized after conducting a participatory strategic planning involving collective organization, representative of women cluster, farmer cluster.  As a part of livelihood support to youth, employment opportunity has been generated for them through all the activities like cash for work.  For small and marginal farmers input support has been provided as a part livelihood support. Through the project process, the agriculture extension service is also linked with farmer cluster; they also provide training for the cluster in field level with the facilitation of collective organization.