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'Implement community-based child protection strategy'

Speakers at a discussion in the city on Sunday demanded implementation of community-based child protection strategy to establish children's rights and protect them from all sorts of abuses, reports UNB. INCIDIN Bangladesh, a non-governmental organisation, arranged the discussion at Dhaka Reporters Unity in the city. INCIDIN Bangladesh executive director AKM Mushtak Ali presented the keynote paper at the programme which was addressed, among others, by another executive director Ratan Sarkar and Programme Manager Kazi Shahin Akhter of the organisation. In his keynote presentation, AKM Mushtak Ali said children, particularly those from poor families, are brought up amid various oppressions and exploitations. In 2012, 2013 and 2014, the number of children that became the victims of repressive acts stood at 1,529, 1,590 and 2,481 respectively, he mentioned. The INCIDIN official also noted that children are being used in political programmes such as rally, procession and picketing during hartal-blockade which are prohibited in the Children Act. AKM Mushtak said 16 children have died so far amid the ongoing political violence while 21 others have been burnt in petrol bomb attacks and 13 more injured in crude bomb attacks.

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