pdf Budget and the Human Rights of the Marginalized Popular

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The paper defines the marginalized people as those who constitute the 28 million strong hardcore poor who are at the bottom of the 65 percent people of our country falling below the poverty line. One common feature of these people is that they are unable to meet the illusive nutritional range of 1,800 kilocalories.

It is a simple definition. However, when we break down the “marginalized people” into communities of the marginalized; we find a wide range of diversity. Firstly, we find a group of unemployed rural landless. Then we find the slum dwelling population of the urban centers. Further more we find the destitute women, traditional professional groups of minority religious communities, ethnic minority and the adivashis of the land. Have we left anyone unmentioned? May be we have failed to mention many amongst us – who are here today to discuss about the “marginalized”? May be so – as marginalization is not merely an identity but also a destiny defined by socio-political and economic processes of deprivation and violation.